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Crônicas-->Ghost - Yuliyar Bahtrina -- 10/03/2010 - 12:30 (Ricardo Marques) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Destaque este Texto Envie Outros Textos
Ghost - Yuliyar Bahtrina !

This life is really full of grace, and I needed more only this: I` ve fallen in love with a ghost. That`s right!

Now nothing else is missed to happen to me, but a ghost!

She is the ghost of the cold, snow and also the distance, and, see, I`ve never believed in distances ......, I thought it did not exist.

Her heart hardened, it beats pumping warmth to a wax pale body and love needed, and just loneliness in his eternal and only company.

She says she has a name, nice to live by the way, and even a surname she sent me, but I don`t know if it`s real, `cause I`ve never gotten along a ghost and in life there`s always the first time, though I walk reeling from this new life experience, `cause I`m not a ghost yet.

Even her face is different, it is sad and also it seems not to be real, moreover a ghost face can not be real.

This ghost from the other side of my world, it is friendly, writes very well, has a deep penetrating eyes, speaks a few languages I do not understand, should be the language of ghosts from the cold.

Her smile, my God, it is a small smile, a frozen smile, shan`t ghosts know how to smile? Or a smile without laugh?!

This ghost plays, very well by the way, always betting on a possible bluff of mine, but my lover heart beats hot blood, pulsating at 40 º C, and walk a bit scared with it.

Can`t deny she is a beautiful ghost, and even dreamed of waking up hooked on it, love has made in several places, she thinks I`m a lion, I feel the smell of musk, which was ingrained in me for several days until my friends felt this perfume on my clothes, but it was the ghost of the cold.

One of these days, she wrote me saying she loves the color purple, shall it be the favorite color of ghosts?

Returning to their native language, she`s is so weird that you won`t believe, she called me the one of these days and I was very frightened, imagine I talking to a ghost, even being friendly, finally understood nothing and I spoke, but even 20,000 miles away felt the cold temperature of snow.

She said she likes roses, shall it be the favorite flower of ghosts? Even sent me some white roses, odorless, tasteless, and melting at the touch of our hands.

But, as a matter of facts, this ghost, was able to freeze a piece of my heart that insists, is stubborn, to remain so, and I always thought about ghosts as a book stuff, I`ve danced alone....!!!


(this happened to me - Fiction!)


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