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Cartas-->NANNY`S LETTER TO MAINFRIENDLY HIS... -- 08/06/2009 - 11:15 (Professor Marcelo Guido Noronha) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Destaque este Texto Envie Outros Textos


In the life several things happen that perhaps we do not understand it why of to happen. I might not be excluded of this demonstration that the life imposes and with me it happened completely as it happens with all.

And to you I am very grateful, since it made me understand many, many things what perhaps in due course I have not realized, but what today, somewhat more ripened, I realized.

It can up to thinking that I am an average `desnorteadinha` ... not only it thinks how I am. But on the inside I continue the same clever and sentimental girl of before, only more resolved what. Does he know why? So messa my walk, found such a crazy friend how much I, who taught everything me, everything what I was imagining will not learn.

I was a slave of the love and I dispensed his advices when they would be necessary, if it the persons dominate my life and I had never the courage to decide on my feelings...

I loved that person and did from him the integrant part of my life, therefore the life made me a present: present before to the sorrows and joys what, you well know, I am incompetent of forgetting.

But, I make friends, everything happened like you he was saying. The play was reverted, perhaps obscure way, but today he pays completely what I suffered to the time, recently I feel so well...

I want that it understands that I am never going to forget of you and of his friendship ... what just as more I needed served me like ` Master `, today that I recognize...

Me friend went me not making escaping of the reality. His opinion never hid me, even knowing what it would do to me to suffer...

I suffered, suffered ... I learnt them to myself and today everything is totally different...

He is my friend for the eternity. I do not judge you that I cheat and not even inconsistently. I will always have in you apprenticeship, so, while they all were deceiving me, you were alerting me and this is a donation that never I am going to forget.

I admire you! I adore you! Dispose of me, even in distance!



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