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United States

Term[3] Definition
Bagman Someone who is in possession of drugs
Bang[8] A drug injection (other terms include 'fix', 'hit' or 'shot')
Bones Dominoes
Books Inmate cash account
Bitch An institutionally taboo epithet suggesting an inmate's femininity, helplessness and sexual submissiveness; alternately, any female
Bunk restriction A form of inmate-imposed punishment entailing an inmate remaining in their bunk except to use the bathroom or receive meals
Bunk warrior An inmate who attempts to intimidate or upset other inmates but will not fight them
Burned A state of defeat and exhaustion of possible appeals, used similar to "screwed"
Cheeto An openly homosexual or trans-identified inmate
Chester Slang term for an inmate incarcerated for child molestation
Chicano An American-born inmate identifying Central American descent, especially those speaking English as a first language
Chicken Money/ cigarette
Chief Native American-identified inmate
Chit-chat Inmate-directed corporal punishment
Cho-Mo Inmate incarcerated for child molestation
Chow Meal
C.O./D.O. Correctional Officer/Detention Officer
Fish A new or inexperienced inmate
Green A term for paper money; also, flow, dough
The Hole A separate, isolated unit with reduced privileges (such as payphones, television, games); alternately, solitary confinement
Iced A term for killing another inmate or prison guard
Institutional 9 A Correctional Officer, visitor or prison employee inmates find attractive, due solely to extended confinement from other candidates
Items A standard denominational currency (esp. in low and medium security institutions), often a snack bought from the prison commissary at the median price of snacks (eg, $1 snacks)
Jailhouse lawyer An inmate who provides unqualified or specious legal advice, often reassuring another inmate of their positive prospects in the criminal justice process
J-Cat A disruptive inmate who causes disorder through highly irregular behavior in a jail module or prison yard, typically associated with those with drug or mental health issues.
Keys As in, "Holds the keys;" the inmate with the highest tenure responsible for administration of the a whole pod's gang
Kinfolk A Black American-identified inmate; also, "kin"
Longjohn A person who is not incarcerated and is having sexual relations with an inmate's wife
O.G. An older inmate
Paisa An inmate identified with Mexican or Central American birth, especially Spanish-speaking as a first language (Southwestern United States)
P.C. Protective custody
Peckerwood A white inmate (also "Wood," "Woodpecker")
Punk A weaker inmate forced into sexual slavery to a stronger one for protection from other sexually violent inmates; otherwise a compulsively annoying inmate
Rat An Informant (an inmate who informs prison officials of any illicit activity within the prison system including prisoners and guards), also "snitch"
Rank An inmate's position based on prior and/or current tenure in the prison system
Red An individual with red hair
Seg A term meaning solitary confinement (from the official term "administrative segregation")
Shank/Shiv An improvised stabbing weapon
Shot out An inmate recovering from opiate withdrawal
Slop An institutionally prepared entrée consisting of bland or poorly prepared vegetables
Snuffed A term for anyone who has been murdered
Spread An improvised combination of several commissary items into a single meal split among contributing inmates; also goulash, gumbo, soup
Take Flight To initiate a fight with or jump another inmate
Torpedo An inmate volunteer selected by a gang leader to corporally punish an inmate who violates inmate rules
Trips Hallucinogens, sometimes legal peyote buttons acquired from Native American inmates
The Wall, Thunderdome, El Baño An area where inmates fight or are subject to internally imposed corporal punishment, usually away from surveillance cameras or correctional officers (eg, bathrooms)
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