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Artigos-->A Nation of Idiots or The Tapioca Country ! -- 27/03/2008 - 11:08 (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/Alcir J.T. de Souza)  Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie  Outros Textos
A Nation of Idiots or The Tapioca Country !

I heard in the brasilian radio through the internet that yesterday in the congress ethic’s committee to evaluate the recent (another recent one) scandal that implicate the government ministers and other state employees in the misuse of corporative credit cards that included the withdraw of cash, the purchase of alcohol, services of prostitutes, gifts, thousands of liters of gasoline for a single vehicle and even a prosaic purchase of a traditional brasilian dish called “tapioca” in amounts that would feed all the athletes in the country by the minister of sports and in that so called section the present politicians did pigged in and defiantly indulged themselves in a ritualistic feast of Tapioca ice cream and as usually in doing so did again fucked the people that watched the tragic comedy unfolding and have to live with the mockery and disrespect with public money that could be use for example to contain the epidemic of denge that devastated the state of Rio de Janeiro and its population in especial the children that died out of the disrespectful actions of this Tapioca politics.

The reason for me to waste my time writing about this repetitious embarrassment for a normal and decent human being and a countries national is that there is no end for the absurd and for the shameless doing from the political and administrative representatives of the country; they do not care, they don’t give a flying crap about decency, respect competence, honesty, obviousness in all the reprehensible facts that involve the public figures in the Tapioca country; the brasilian people do not help also when they forget that are human beings and the principal endeavor within the species is to evolve and to achieve excellence in they every day activities; instead of the deplorable regression pursued insistently in their lives; no one is a good citizen in a nation of idiots; there will be no good ending for Brasil as a society, there will be no future for lack of the academic excellence; there will be no better days to this people if they do not change they obtuse ways and irresponsible actions. 

I had to live Brasil because I would go crazy on the system of mental illness that rules the people independently of the wrong doings of the members of government and of the other powers in the republic; the people themselves are a embarrassment for who ever tries to become a honest and true citizen; for someone who want to exceed instead of disappear and mingle with the morons and do it pursuing excellence without to look for a profit without to attempt to become another one to get power or riches at any cost; I see Brasil as a sews pool and the brasilians as the contents; all the associations for committing a crime what ever crime is to be committed is damaging for me and also for the few people like myself that do not participated in the senseless attempt of profiting at any cost or to live by the ferriferous Gerson’s law.

I am a exiled of conscious and a victim of the senselessness life stile of obtuseness that the brasilians choose to live by; intellectual immorality is a view of choice and style options that do end in insulting the very few people like me that got tired and did had to live a geographic country that is so beautiful and plentiful of grand natural resources and riches that are given like pearls to pigs or Tapioca to the scum that live in there .  

Alcir de Souza
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